Hellenic National Antidoping Agency (HADA)

Founded: 0000-00-00
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About Hellenic National Antidoping Agency

In 1999 the establishment of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) (with headquarters in Montreal, Canada) under the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and with the support and co-financing of intergovernmental organisations, governments, public authorities and other public and private bodies led to the constitution of National Anti Doping Agencies.

In this context, the National Council for Combatting Doping (ESKAN) was established in Greece under the Law 2725/99 (article 128).

ESKAN consisted of nine members with a three year term, including lawyers with knowledge of sports or doping, scientists and prominent sports people.

Later, under the Law 4049/12 (article 11), the National Organisation for Combatting Doping (EOKAN), successor of ESKAN, was established as a legal person under private law by presidential decree. The international term for the organization is HADA (Hellenic Anti-Doping Agency).