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How Violations are Registered in the Anti-Doping Database

You may wonder how we work when we register anti-doping rule violations in the Anti-Doping Database? We follow a strict practice when we register sanctions.

We register information on athletes who has been banned for doping. No cases is registered until the athlete has received a final decision. Registering takes a lot of time. So does correcting the data.


We store the name of the athlete, the gender of the athlete and from which country the athlete is from - or competes for. We also register if the athlete is an amateur or a professional - if the information is available.


The sport the athlete did when he or she tested positive, at which event he or she competed - if the sample was collected in-competition - or if the sample was collected out-of-competition. We register when the sample was collected - if this information is available.

Rule violation, substance and method

The name of the substance used or the prohibited method is being registered and which Anti-Doping Rule the athlete violated.

We also register the start and end date of the ban.

Source of information

Since we have a journalistic background, we register the source of the information - this so a journalist can contact the federation. If the sample collected is part of a bigger operation, we link the case.

Public information

We also store the text from press releases and the link to this - if available. If the legal decision papers are available online, we link to these as well. Legal Decision Papers are also indexed so it is possible to search these separately