Ethiopian Olympic steeplechase finalist banned five years

Zerfe Wondemagegn from Ethiopia has tested positive for EPO and will miss the next two Olympic Games.


The athlete provided a blood sample out-of-competition in Budapest. Five days alter the athlete also provided an urine sample. Nearly a month later a second urine test was collected from the athlete.

Analysis of the samples showed traces of erythropoietin, two adiols (5 alfa and 5 beta), testosterone, androsteorne and etiocholanolone.

It is nearly the same "cocktail" as Ebesie Ayele Balcha was banned for in 2023. Balcha tested positive for testosterone, androsterone, eticholanolone, and 5bAdiol. Her sample was collected at the Meishan Renshou Half Marathon in 2023. Balcha received a three year suspension.

Wondemagegn is the 37 athlete from Ethiopia to be banned for doping. She is also the 11th athlete who has tested positive for EPO. The athlete is the first ethiopian to be banned for five years. 18 athletes from Ethiopia has been banned for 4 years for doping.

We have registered more than 500 athletes banned for EPO in the Anti-Doping Database.