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The Anti-Doping Database is a commercial, non-free service aimed at journalists, researchers, lawyers and others who have interest in anti-doping issues.

What you get when you subscribe to the Anti-Doping Database is:
  • Access to a database with more than 6000 names of athletes that has been suspended for ADRVs.
  • Stats telling how many cases a sport or a country has
  • how many men/women in a sport or from a country that has been sanctioned for ADRVs.

We are aware that most of the data is available online, but we are also aware that you are not seing the full picture. That's where the database comes in handy.

What are we collecting?
  • Name and gender of the sanctioned athlete, coach or leader
  • Name of event where the sample was collected
  • When the sanctioned person was suspended, and then the suspension was completed
  • The sport in which the athlete competed/participated
  • In some cases we also add link to legal papers

By using the database you can see who has been suspended, for how long, for which substance at which event and more. You can also cross-search and filter in order to narrow the search down.

Who are our sources?
Our sources are mostly from the websites of National Anti-Doping Agencies (NADA), International and National Sports Federations (ISF/NSF), but we also get direct information from NADAs/ISFs/NSFs.

What else besides access to the database will you get?
We are in the process of finishing our notification system, and you will also get an overview of Anti-Doping events that is planned or happening

The collected information is being used for journalistic purposes and therefor our main target audience are journalists who cover sport or doping matters in sports

Our goal is the be the most complete database that is accessible for our target audience.