Current list of athletes banned from Olympic Games:
Speed skating (2, 1 silver medal winner)
Olga Fatkulina, silver medal winner
Aleksander Rumyantsev

Cross Country skiing (6, 1 gold medal winner, 1 silver medal winner)
Alexander Legkov, gold medal winner
Maksim Vylegzhanin, silver medal winner
Yuliia Ivanova
Alexey Petukhov
Evgeniya Shapovalova
Evgeniy Belov

Skeleton (5, 1 gold medal winner, 1 bronze winner)
Aleksandr Tretiakov, gold medal winner
Elena Nikitina, bronze medal winner
Sergei Chudino
Mariia Orlova
Olga Potylitsyna

Bobsleigh (7, 3 gold medal winners)
Aleksandr Zubkov, gold medal winner
Aleksei Negodailo, gold medalist winner
Dmitrii Tunenkov, gold medalist winner
Aleksandr Kas’yanov
Aleksei Pushkarev
IIvir Khuzin
Olga Stulneva

Biathlon (2, 2 silver medalist winners)
Yana Romanova, silver medalist winner
Olga Vilukhina, silver medalist winner

Total (as of November 25): 22

On November 24 the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) decided to provisionally suspend the IOC-banned athletes. The International Ski Federation (FIS) has not provisionally suspended any of the cross country skiers. The International Skating Union (ISU) are awaiting any sanction until they receive the full legal decision papers from IOC.

The Oswald Commission
The Disciplinary Commission, chaired by IOC Member Denis Oswald, is responsible for investigating the alleged doping violations by individual Russian athletes. Therefore, all the samples collected from Russian athletes at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 that were available to the IOC were re-analysed. This had two goals – to further review the samples for evidence of doping, and separately to determine if the samples themselves or the bottles were manipulated or tampered with.