What drugs are used in Rugby

We have registered close to 500 anti-doping rule violations in Rugby. Steroids, stimulants and cannabinoids are the most used substances.

Methylhexaneamine is the substance involved in the most cases followed by cannabis and the steroid stanozolol.
The country with the most cases is United Kingdom with 123 cases followed by Australia with 73 and South Africa with 69.

Most of the Rubgy-players from the UK has been banned for using cocaine followed by the steroid Drostanolone and Stanozolol.
Australian Rugby-players has been caught using cannabis (15) followed by Methylhexaneamine (13) and Higenamine (6).
The Rugby-players from South Africa has tested positive for Stanozolol, Methandienone, Norandrosterone (all 12), Methylhexaneamine (10) and Nandrolone (6).

201 of the sanctions are two years. 95 has received a four year suspension. 323 of the sanctions has ended in suspension longer than two years.

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