Team Kazakhstan samples negative for prohibited substances

March 07, 2017

All test results for urine, blood and serum collected from the members of Kazakhstan National Biathlon Team came back negative.

On February, 8 2017 the Criminal Intelligence Service Austria conducted the search of the Kazakhstan National Biathlon Team accommodations based on the investigation on possible anti-doping rules violations. The IBU tasked the Austrian Anti-Doping Agency (NADA Austria) to conduct both urine and blood tests on every athlete.

Today the WADA-accredited laboratory in Seibersdorf reported all test results for urine, blood and serum were negative.

The samples were tested for all substances on the WADA prohibited list, including EPO and human growth hormone.

Therefore the IBU is not considering any disciplinary actions against any athlete at this point in time.

Since the investigations of the Criminal Intelligence Service Austria are still ongoing with regard to the evaluation of material found, the IBU reserves the right for any further disciplinary action based on any possible findings by the Austrian State Attorney at a later time.

The National Biathlon Federation of Kazakhstan has been cooperating with the state authorities, the IBU and NADA Austria during the investigation.

The IBU will keep the public updated on

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