According to Kronen Zeitung two Austrian athletes are being taken in for interrogations. The Swedish newspaper Expressen said athletes from other countries as well has been taken away by Austrian Police.
It is not the first time Austrian athletes are involved in an razzia during a large sports event. During the Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006 the Austrian ski and biathlon team fled their hotels when Italian police visited.
Last time a doping incident happened during a FIS Nordic Skiing World Championship was back in 2001 in Lahtis in Finland where a large number of Finnish athletes tested positive.

According to ARD-journalist, Hajo Seppelt, german Police has started interrogations of two German athletes. ARD recently published a documentary on doping in Cross Country. Information disclosed in this documentary could be the reason for the two operations in Austria and Germany. Seppelt says on Twitter that also athletes from Estonia and Kazakhstan has been taken in for questioning.

In the Anti-Doping Database we have registered 76 incidents of doping in Cross-Country Skiing. 12 of the cases involves Austrian skiers. Russia has the most cases with 26. Finland has the second most with 14.