In London, Jacob Sporon-Fiedler was sentenced to five years and four months in prison for smuggling 16 tonnes of doping drugs worth 12 million pounds, especially anabolic steroids, to the UK.

The sentencing marks the end of several years of investigation, which was based on a major seizure of anabolic steroids at Heathrow Airport in London in 2014. The British National Crime Agency has been leading the investigation but cooperating with authorities in over 26 countries, including the Customs Agency, Police and Anti Doping Denmark in Denmark, helped to resolve the matter.

“The case shows how far we can go if forces across authorities and countries work together. We need to think out of the silos of this type of cross-border crime, where we are up against the major distributors of banned drugs, ”says Michael Ask, Director of Anti-Doping Denmark.

The case revealed a complex distribution system aimed at shipping the banned substances across the borders from India where production of these drugs is allowed.

“The case has shown that there is a huge market for doping substances. When ADD must work to prevent the use of e.g. Anabolic steroids, it is important that our work is supported by efforts against the distributors, which makes it too easy to obtain these drugs in Denmark as well, ”says Michael Ask and continues:

“As the situation is now, production and distribution of doping substances in Denmark are associated with a low risk of being caught in relation to the income opportunities. This area should be prioritized by the police, making it more difficult to introduce doping substances in Denmark. "

Jacob Sporon-Fiedler is responsible for the company Alpha-Pharma, which has for many years been a well-known manufacturer of doping substances, including particularly anabolic steroids. He pleaded guilty in 2018. Since then, lawsuits have run against some of the other defendants in the case. Four others are in the same case complex, which also includes doping production, sentenced to between two and six years. None of these are Danish.