Athletics tops doping statistics in Kenya

May 12, 2017

61 athletes from Kenya has been banned for use of doping. 58 of these competed in the sport of athletics. Of these 26 were women.

Of the 61 cases we have registered related to Kenya, 58 were competing in the sport of Athletics. 23 of these tested positive for norandrosterone. That puts them in fourth place on the list of which country has the most cases involving the prohibited substance.
That list is topped by India with 106 doping cases involving norandrosterone. 26 athletes from USA has been banned by the same substance. South Africa follows shortly with 25 and then Kenya with 23.
In total 454 athletes has tested positive for norandrosterone.

Long suspensions

Testing positive for a steroid automatically qualifies for long suspensions. 37 of the Kenyan athletes has been banned for two years, while seven has been banned for four years. Currently only one athlete from Kenya is serving an eight year suspension for doping - according to our database.
Of the 58 athletes, eight had their sample collected out-of-competition.

Most men

Not surprisingly most men test positive for the steroid. In total 387 men and 69 women has been banned for this substance.
That means 84 percent men and 16 percent women.
For Kenya this number is different. 14 men and nine women has been banned after testing positive for norandrosterone. In percent this means 60% men and 40% women.
Among the total Kenyan athletes, the number is 32 men suspended and 26 women, which makes 57% men and 43% women.

About norandrosterone

Norandrosterone is an anabolic agent ingested through the body via an injection. Norandrosterone is related to nandrolone and is often used in nutritional supplements.
Testing agencies usually look for norandrosterone to detect nandrolone usage. It is banned because it helps athletes increase their strength and muscle mass, especially when taken in large quantities. This is considered to offer an unfair advantage over those athletes who don't use performance-enhancing drugs.

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