The documents show being a drug cheat is not cheap. A five-month BALCO program believed to include banned drugs erythropoietin, designer steroids, growth hormone and a testosterone cream costs $US6355 ($9221).

In addition there is a mandatory medical program including blood testing at $400 a month, medical consultations costing over $US10,000 and biweekly urine testing - essential for monitoring when an athlete may fail a drugs test. And if an athlete tasted success, the cheques for the company were to keep rolling in. If a client set a personal best time they were to pay BALCO $10,000. For a world record the price is $20,000.

World Anti-Doping Agency chief executive David Howman told the Herald his agency was confident in the USADA processes and revealed "some athletes are talking". He said the USADA was gathering first-hand evidence before charging athletes.

San Jose's The Mercury News yesterday reported on email correspondence between BALCO owner Victor Conte and Remi Korchemny, the coach of disgraced sprinter Dwain Chambers. It revealed they experimented with the levels of drugs athletes took. Korchemny reported that when one athlete took "the new S supplement (believed to be code for the narcolepsy drug modafinil) he ran like crazy".

Conte referred to his products as rocket fuel and warned taking "E" (believed to refer to the blood-boosting drug erythropoietin), required the athlete to drink water, water and water. Conte wrote: "E makes the blood thick and water dilutes the blood, the way to prevent any type of blood clot is to dilute the blood with water."

The evidence is being shown to athletes such as Tim Montgomery, Chryste Gaines, Michelle Collins and Alvin Harrison in an effort to gain their co-operation to help unravel the drugs ring. They are also being shown their own emails, payments, invoices and personal calendars detailing drug regimes and laboratory test results.

A grand jury has indicted Conte, Korchemny, Greg Anderson, who trains baseball star Barry Bonds, and BALCO vice president James Valente.


Drugs regime over a five-month period
 G (growth hormone) 20 weeks - 15 bottles at $150. $2250.
 E (erythropoietin
) 12 weeks - 16 bottles at $65. $1040.
 I 12 weeks - 1 bottle at $100. $100.
 C (designer steroid THG) 15 weeks - 45 doses at $25. $1125.
 E nutrition - 12 weeks E, Fe, FA, B-12. $300.
 Proquick - 20 weeks. $840.
 Proglycosyn - 20 weeks. $200.
 ZMA, Vitalyze, Tryosine - 20 weeks. $500.
 Blood testing - $400/month. $2000.
 Urine testing biweekly - 10 tests at $130. $1300.
Supply total: $9655. Medical consultation: $10,345.
Bonus to be paid to BALCO for personal record: $10,000
Bonus to be paid to BALCO for world record: $20,000

Denotes what the letter is believed to represent. All US dollars.