What drugs are used in Cricket

Cannabis and steroids are the most commonly used substances by cricket-players. Pakistan, India and Netherland have the most cases.

We have registered less than 50 anti-doping rule violations in the sport of Cricket. Pakistan has the most banned athletes. Our database shows 25% of the cases involves Cricket-players from Pakistan. Cricket-players from India is involved in 15% while players from Netherlands is involved in 12% of the total doping cases.

We also see that Cannabis is involved in 18% of the doping cases in Cricket. The steroids Clenbuterol, Nandrolone and Stanozolol is being used in 11% of the cases. When we look at the substance types of all the cases Anabolic Agents is being used in 10% of the cases followed by stimulants (9%) and Cannabinoids (8%).
Players from the Netherlands tops the stats for usage of Cannabis. They are involved in 60% of the cases in Cricket. Players from the UK and Pakistan is involved in 20% of the doping violations in the sport.
Two players from New Zealand has been banned for using Clenbuterol. Their bans are part of the investigation around the Clenbuterol NZ operation.

21% of the athletes has been given a two year suspension. 15% has been banned for eight months.

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