What drugs are used in Handball

This post will give some information on which drugs handball-players caught for doping tested positive for.

We have registered more than 100 athletes who has been banned for using doping in Handball. Our stats shows that France is the country with the most athletes banned for doping. They are followed by Italy and Saudi Arabia.

The most commonly used drug in Handball is Cannabis. More than half of the cases involves this drug. It is follwed by Amphetamine and Cocaine.

Most of the athletes caught for Cannabis comes from France. 59% of the banned athletes are French. Italy follows with 14% and Spain with 4% of the banned athletes.
Handball players from Saudi Arabia uses mostly amphetamine. Followed by USA and players from the Netherlands.
Cocaine is used by handball players from Sweden, France and Serbia.

Out of the more than 100 handball players, 26% were given a two year suspension; 18% were given a three months suspension; and 15% were given a one year suspension.

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