An athlete or other Person must be advised in writing by an Anti-Doping Organization with jurisdiction over the Athlete or other Person, or by WADA, of the Athlete Support Personnel’s disqualifying status and the potential Consequence of prohibited association and that the Athlete or other Person can reasonably avoid the association for this provision to apply,

The Anti-Doping Organization shall also use reasonable efforts to advise the Athlete Support Personnel who is the subject of the notice to the Athlete or other Person that the Athlete Support Personnel may, within 15 days, come forward to the Anti-Doping Organization to explain that the criteria described in Articles 2.10.1 and 2.10.2 do not apply to him or her.

Athletes and other Persons must not work with coaches, trainers, physicians or other Athlete Support Personnel who are Ineligible on account of an anti-doping rule violation or who have been criminally convicted or professionally disciplined in relation to doping.

Some examples of the types of association which are prohibited include: obtaining training, strategy, technique, nutrition or medical advice; obtaining therapy, treatment or prescriptions; providing any bodily products for analysis; or allowing the Athlete Support Personnel to serve as an agent or representative. Prohibited association need not involve any form of compensation.